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High & Rising Dividend Commentary

Please see our latest Commentary for our High & Rising Dividend portfolio.

Dividend Income Report
High & Rising Dividend SMA Income Report

For the hypothetical income generated by a $200,000 investment in our High & Rising Dividend Separately Managed Account (SMA) Portfolio, please click “download”.

Fact Sheet
High & Rising Dividend SMA Fact Sheet

The Dearborn Partners High & Rising Dividend separately managed account portfolio invests in companies diversified across numerous sectors, which offer the potential for a yield greater than that offered by the S&P 500, plus the potential for mid single digit annual dividend growth. Our objective is to identify companies that are likely to raise their dividends with regularity over time. The combination of a current yield greater than the S&P 500 plus the potential for dividend increases offers.

Fact Sheet
Concentrated Balanced Income SMA Portfolios Fact Sheet

The Dearborn Partners Concentrated Balanced Income 60/40 Portfolio is designed for clients seeking the potential for rising income with the decreased portfolio risk and volatility historically attributed to adding fixed income to all-equity portfolios.


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